Frequently Asked Questions

First, it would take forever to manually copy all of the data in our database by using the search engines and FSBO Sites. We add names and phone numbers then organize this data in way for you to easily market your services.

Our complete US FSBO Database includes over 30,000 for sale by owners. This number of course changes monthly. The complete list has been divided into state and City. We also sell FSBO Database by the State.

The data can be downloaded immediately after purchasing from the order confirmation page. The full-record complete database can be downloaded in a zip format which contains: Microsoft Excel (.XLS), and Microsoft Comma-Delimited (.CSV).

The data is guaranteed to be 95% accurate. Properties have around 70-80% names and phone numbers. Not all have each or may have one or the other. FSBO’s change daily so we are continually updating weekly.

The “terms of use” agreement always appears on the checkout page but can be summarized simply as follows: the purchaser is entitled to use the data repeatedly for marketing or internal purposes but cannot resell the data nor publish it so that non-customers can benefit from the data.

Due to concerns about low-priced competitors misappropriating our data, we have populated (“seeded”) our list with a small number of fictitious agents. The contact information for these homes redirects to us so we can verify that the sender is one of our legitimate customers.

We are continuously updating on a weekly basis.

Yes, please email us what state you would like a sample of and we will send you 15 FSBO’s for your state.

If you receive a Zip file, you need to uncompressed or unzip the file to use it.

  1. Double-click on the Zip file.
  2. It should expand automatically.
  3. A file or folder with the same name (without the Zip) should appear.
  4. Drag the contents of the Zip file to the desktop (or another location). When you do this, you will be copying the information from the Zip file to the computer. This will be your working copy of the email list from the Zip file.
  5. Close the Zip file window. You may keep the Zip file or delete it.